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December 30th, 2010, 08:05 PM
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I should probably update too!

I was diagnosed with SCH in this pregnancy at 6 weeks (having lost a prior pregnancy at 8 weeks due to SCH with several heavy bleeds) and followed with every other week ultrasound and modified activity and pelvic rest. I was taken out of work but not placed on bedrest, and I have been taking care of my 18 month old DD. At 11 weeks they could not find the SCH and told me they thought it was gone and would not come back. I was so relieved!

This SCH did not bleed at all (where the previous one with my loss I had 3 big bleeds with lots of bright red blood and plum sized clots) until 12 weeks 2 days, I woke up in the night with wet pants and had pinkish fluid and when I stood up reddish pink fluid gushed out and began to get darker. I called the on call OB and went back the next day for another ultrasound (my 6th!) and they thought they saw another SCH, but couldn't be sure. I went home to rest for a week and came back for another U/S and they did not see an SCH but instead saw I have placenta previa, and that may have caused the bleeding. Since 12w2d I have not had any more bleeding thankfully and baby continues to do well.

I'm just hoping I have seen the end of SCH!!!

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