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January 4th, 2011, 05:48 PM
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I feel that a lot of eating problems start very early. I have read in another article (and on consideration feel this has so much merit, not just for children but adults too!) that it is not so much the taste as the texture.

Have you a child that will eat a piece of apple or carrot stick but will not each mushy apple from a spoon?

Do you dislike natural oysters, but will eat oysters kilpatrick forever and a day? (That's me! I love crunchy food and hate soft slippery food!)

The difference in both these examples is the texture.

My suggestion is to test your child and find out what texture they like then start giving food in that style rather than the one they rejected.

For toddlers this is more difficult because they have formed strong opinions by then but with some coercion you might get the results you want eventually.

Hope this helps.

To prove a point, check with your friends and ask them what their favorite foods are and what they hate, I bet you will come up with some textural differences!
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