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January 7th, 2011, 02:10 PM
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Kay!! After reading all the stories it made me feel so much better so glad I have this in common with someone bc I've never heard of it, I always thought bleeding when pregnant means miscarriage.. I'm 26 with 3 heathly pregnancies, this one was sooo unexpected we gt marina took out on October 27 and found out on december 5th we were expecting agin and was happy but shocked and at 5 weeks I started spotting went to er and was told threatened misscarrige, my followup with my ob 2 days later said I was 5 weeks 4 days heart was beating but couldn't read it bc it was too small yet!!

Next week heart was beating 126 and they moved my due dat back 3 days.. And said okay everything you can start with every 4 weeks visits now, that was a Wednesday of last weeks on yesterday a Thursday I was in line at a fast food restaurant. For breakfast and felt like I peed myself, went to the bathroom to find blood and started freaking out I live in bfe and my drs office is a hour away. I called them and was told to come in immediately.

I arrive after historically crying the whole way ad right off te bat they took me back for us and I was like do we have to? Bc I just knew I had lost it and just didn't wanna face it right then! But i went on back and she inserted the wand and automatically I saw the heartbeat before she saud anything and was bauling agin!! I was bleeding all on the table and she not y dr said ok honey it's okay there's the blood be hid your after birth it but cervixs are closed and babys heart beat is 160 don't let is drive you crazy!

The nurse tells me I'm bleeding bc of sch and it happens before miscarriages yes but I also happens and women have healthy babies and normal pregnacys other than the bleeding! Dr came in said the same and I went home!

I bleed a small amout after but after yesterday it's only when I pee and wipe there's blood none is hitting my panty liner!! And it's only brown now!!

I loved so very much reading you guys stories it made me feel so much better even though I know it isn't for sure i have y'alls posts to make me smile through the tears!!

Good luck and god bless to you all!!
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