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January 12th, 2011, 05:11 PM
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ok will i thought i would have started my period early since my period is due the 12 of this month will i have had no singes of me starting my period,an usaly i do have like cramps n stuff but i havent had none of that,now i have had hot&clod flah's,me getting dizzy when i go to stand up from setting down,my boobs are really tender,an just like 2weeks ago when i was in the bath i seen white stuff coming out of my boobs,an just like 3days ago i had white,thick,sticky stuff on my underwear,then yesterday i found egg white dry stuff on my underwear,me&my husband have been trying for a bby i went to the doc,an she told me that i should get pergnant within 3months an with my 1st kid i did get pergnant within 3months an its been almost 3months since me&my husband started trying for are 2end kido,an now im late on my period i was spouse to strat an i didnt,so someone plzz let me know if anyone knows watz going on with my body....
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