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January 31st, 2011, 01:46 PM
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I had an ultrasound on my first visit to the doctor after taking a home pregnancy test. Per the ultrasound, I was 6 wks 2 days & my baby had a heartbeat rate of 162 bpm. The doctor (or PA) said that the ultrasound showed that I had SCH & that I may have some slight bleeding during the first trimester, but that it was completely normal & I shouldn't worry. I was sick as a dog during those first weeks with pain in my abdomin, but just chalked it up to morning sickness & hoped it would abate after the first trimester. About 10 weeks into the pregnancy I got a call from the dr.'s office stating that my labs showed that I had a urinary tract infection & they prescribed an antibiotic. That night I felt like I was having bracston hicks (false contractions) but again thought nothing of it and they went away by the next day. I went for my follow-up appt when I was 11 wks 5 days and PA couldn't find a fetal heartbeat. They did an ultrasound and said there was no heartbeat and no blood flow. I was scheduled for a D&C that day and have been trying to deal with the trauma of that ever since. I didn't even know what a SCH was or how dangerous it could be to the pregnancy. I feel lied to and regret not doing the proper research at the time. I have 3 VERY active children and went about life as normal without any restrictions. Maybe had I been aware of the seriousness of this condition I could have taken it easy. I never had any vaginal bleeding, just a feeling of discomfort. To all the women who have lost a baby due to SCH, my heart goes out to you & you are in my prayers. To those of you who still have SCH, please rest, rest, rest & I pray that you have the chance to hold your healthy little one. God bless!
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