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February 15th, 2011, 06:45 AM
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my boyfriend and i had sex almost 3 weeks ago unprotected, and i was supposed to get my period last week but we are giving it another week just to make sure. and i only have 4 more days to see if i get my period, my boobs have been really sore and tender and look and feel alot bigger/heavier. i have been SUPER moody! my boyfriend would say something that i would normally laugh about but if he made a joke i would get super angry and upset, i have been feeling really warm i can just sit around watch tv at night and feel super warm, ive also been getting REALLY tired after school or even half way through the day i feel like i could just fall over and sleep. i also have white mucus stuff, and idk what that means...? also a few days ago i had a really painful pinching pain (i dont know how to describe it) in my right lower side, my mom thought it was my appendics but it went away after a day. im so confused. my boyfriend and i are going to take a pregnancy test at the end of this week to see if i am or not. i need help and i need to know if i am pregnant! someone please let me know.
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