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February 21st, 2011, 07:03 AM
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Hi all,
I remember as if it was yesterday, around 6pm I started to bleed, it was dark brown blood, I called my husband straight away and then we called my doctor, they told me there was nothing they could do about it, and asked me if I was feeling any pain, which I wasn't so they told me to wait until next the day. After spending the night crying and worried about my baby, the next morning we went to see my doctor, it was my first scan, I was 6 weeks pregnant, I saw my baby and the heartbeat. That was amazing, my doctor then told me that she didn't know the reason I was bleeding but that I should rest and don't do anything like cleaning or exercises, I still bled for few days.
In the end of the same week I went to see my doctor again, she just wanted to check if everything was ok with me and the baby. Everything seemed to be ok, but at that time she noticed I had SCH. She told me to sleep lots and don't exercise and etc.
The next day, Saturday night around 11pm I had a bright red bleeding, and this time it wouldn't stop, I started to panic and we called the hospital, they again told me to wait until the next morning, I was bleeding so much this time and the blood was fresh blood, I cried the whole night thinking I was having a miscarriage and could not believe that just one day before I was at the hospital and saw my baby and the heart beat.
So the next morning, Sunday morning, we had another scan and the baby was fine and it had a heart beat. The doctor was an emergency doctor, I informed her about my SCH and she told me the hematoma was still there. They told me to go back the next day to see my doctor. During that afternoon, back at home, I went to the toilet and suddenly I felt something coming out, it was a sac full of dark blood, I started to scream, I could not believe in what I was seeing, my husband panicked and we both could not talk to each other, we were so sad and we thought that was our baby, I could not touch the sac, I didn't want to see what it was inside it.
That day we have decided that I would not go to the doctor the next day, I have decided to wait until Friday, my husband and I were so devastated with everything and we were in denial, we couldn't accept it, that that might be our baby, and so we called my doctor and told them we weren't going to go until Friday, 5 days after this.
Last Friday the 18th Feb, I went to the doctor, and we saw our baby now with 21.5 mm, and it was moving, as if nothing happened. The most amazing moment of my life, was to see my baby with strong heart beat moving the head, I believe that this feeling is the feeling that only us, who are going through this, we who have SCH, women who everyday and every time is scared to go to the toilet can feel, nobody knows how much we have been affected by this and what seeing the baby heartbeat after a night bleeding and crying can mean to us. This feeling that God exist and is protecting our baby, from the hematoma. That there is hope and things might be ok, and that we might have a beautiful healthy baby.
I am here writing to let you all know that I found out that my hematoma is gone, and that the bleeding on Saturday night and also the sac of dark was blood was the clot, and the hematoma is gone. I still need to be careful, and rest a lot, but the hematoma is no longer there, the doctor could not see it there anymore. My next appointment will be in 4 weeks. I will let you all know about everything.
The reason I am writing is to let you all know that we there is hope, I was one week in bed, and my husband helped me doing everything from cooking to cleaning, I believe that having help is the best thing, when something like this happens, we know it is time to dedicated yourself to only one thing, yourself, rest lots, and ask help for those around you, they will help you. Good Luck to all you you!!
I wish you all the best.
Love Lyra
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