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March 7th, 2011, 09:52 AM
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I'm 11 weeks and 4 days, and was officially diagnosed with sch just a week ago. i found out i was pregnant at week 6 and it has been such a roller coaster since...first because docs could see any baby nothing just black hole...ONE week later at 7weeks baby is seeing and hb found. good thought thats it we are good. at 8wks sudden gush of blood(no cramps or pain of any sort)...thought i was having a miscarriage rushed to the hospital and baby was found to be just fine..all the doctors said was that bleeding is normal early in pregnancy. four days later i went to see my ob and put me on bed rest for 5 days but didnt give me an other instructions except rest. five days later went back to work and since the first bleeding theres been spotting and very small thing blood clots passing. Days 6 went back to work and in the evening again gush of blood at home and this time maybe apprx. 3.5 inch blood clot pass very scary and alot of blood every where...went to see doctor 3 days later..said it was ok it happens but did another sonogram
in this sonogram the tech found two spots that caused an alert...and thus the first time i heard of sch...i was told to see the perionatalist. 3 days later i go to visit the specialist and immediately is stunned that i have not miscarriaged. He said to me while tech is performing sono to look at all the dark circles around the placenta...they were big blood clots and that since i had not been on full bed rest the possibility of losing the baby was huge. I was immediately placed on full bed rest with every possible standing, no sitting more than 5 min...only time i can stand is to go to the bathroom thats it....otherwise, to remain in a horizontal position for the next two due in next monday 3/14, hopefully some of these blood clots have been absorbed but until then one good thing so far is that day 2 of bed rest no more spotting...just wanted to share my current experience....
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