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March 10th, 2011, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by nettie13 View Post
I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins and was diagnosed with SCH at 6 weeks. I am home on bedrest and have had 3 major bleeding episodes. Twins heartbeats are very good. i stil have light staining and feel crampy lately. does anyone else have cramping/pressue? thanks...
Hi! I am wondering how this turned out for you... I found out at 7 weeks with twins as well its was 3.9 cm then and at 11 weeks it was 3.6cm. I am now 12 weeks and I have been reading a lot about this and some give me hope and some make me so scared. My dr is acting like its nothing and didn't tell me to stop any activity or anything. I have bad cramping and been really sick(with my 1st one I didnt have any sickness)! Thanks! I would love to hear about your experience
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