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March 17th, 2011, 11:31 PM
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I neeed lots of help. Heres the deal, im 18 years old and my bf is 21, a marine. He was home feb 4-18. I was with him every night. We had unprotected sex almost every night besides one. He pulled out well anyways, i wasnt suppose to but i started my period the 6-12 of feb. We were still having sexx. i started my period a week early! the 6th of March. Although i have hyper thyroid im way past exhausted these days & sometimes i have to pee so frequently and badly i pee on myself somewhat before i get to the restroom! anyway, this last period seemed normal, maybe somewhat lighter i honestly wasnt worried until the headaches and nausea began, what do you think the chances of me being pregnant are? i need advice. i took a pregnancy test before this last "period" it was negative so i thought the worry was over, now however im not so sure...
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