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March 20th, 2011, 10:45 PM
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Agreed, and the number one tip I learned: don't just settle for a diagnosis of colic. When my daughter was diagnosed with it a month or so ago, I was kinda dreading it. I knew she'd been having issues, but colic is basically a doctor's term for, "I don't know what's making him/her cry." I asked for any advice whatsoever and was given drops that were aimed at helping the colic. As things got worse every night and the both of us got less and less sleep, (I was practically hallucinating) I started kinda freaking out. So, I was foruntate enough to ask some moms on her for help. Turns out, my baby had reflux which was the cause of her colic. If I'd never asked questions, it could've badly damaged my baby's throat and probably would've driven me crazy...

So tip number one: ALWAYS ask questions.
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