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April 18th, 2011, 07:41 AM
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In a way I am happy I found this article because this way I know I was not the only one. I decided I wanted to know what I was having second time around as my heart and my mind were set on a little girl (my first one is a boy). I was disappointed to find out that it was a boy, and I guess this feeling lasted for about a week....after than I got very, very excited and just had fun picking out names and going through the clothes I already had to see which ones we can reuse....I told everyone I was having a little boy.... But then, two weeks after finding out, I had a miscarriage and I can't even begin to tell how upset I was with myself, the guilt I felt because I was initially disappointed it was a boy. I would do ANYTHING to be able to take that moment away and to be looking forward to holding my little one in my arms. If I am lucky enough to be given a second chance, I highly doubt that I will want to find out what I am having!
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