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April 19th, 2011, 10:51 AM
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Hi- I am 38yo and 6wks pg with my 4th baby. I started spotting brown 2 days ago and yesterday it turned to bright red bleeding. Went in for t/v ultrasound and saw a beautiful heart beat. They looked real well for a SCH and couldn't find one. Met with dr. after who assured me that as of right now the embryo and heart beat looked great with no signs of anything wrong... she did an internal and agreed I was bleeding moderately with small clots... said it was coming from inside my uterus. Said we needed to do the "wait and see" game. They had no answers on why I was bleeding. cramps have gotten better but today I am bleeding heavy. Called again and going in tomorrow for another u/s. Is it possible at all that they didn't see or missed a sch in the u/s. Why else whould I be bleeding like this??
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