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April 22nd, 2011, 08:36 PM
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Hello ladies! I'm Priscilla, 28, pregnant with baby 4 (8th pregnancy).

I went to the ER last night after I had some cramping and brown discharge on Wed and more cramping, along with pink discharge, on Thur (yesterday). I was finally told today (after a recheck with a walk in OB and 2nd u/s) that my baby is measuring 6wks along (I'm supposed to be 7wks 3days and I'm 100% accurate on ovulation/conception) and his HB is very slow (80-90). To top that off I have a subchronic hematoma. I've never had this issue before (that I've been aware of) but I'm terrified. They told me to prepare to lose the baby =0( I go back in in 7-10 days for a repeat u/s to check growth. I was wondering if anyone's had this issue and had all turn out fine. Thank you.
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