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April 25th, 2011, 12:31 PM
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Greetings All, Please forgive me if this is not the current section where I should post a reply. I'm 38 unemployed, mother of two ages 13 and 15 1/2. I've decided to go back to school and pursue my bachelor's degree; have about 18-24 months left...which i'm feeling good about. Two days ago, I had unprotected sex with my husband of 16 years but we've been together forever. My LMP was 4/11/2011(i'm very regular every 25-26 days like clockwork) and i was on day 13 when i had unprotected sex. Honestly, I made a dum mistake and miscalculated the days. I'm not on any birth control...really never have been. I've been pretty good about knowing when not to have sex to prevent pregnant. However, after we finished I began thinking and realized that my days was off. Now, I'm worried sick if i'm pregnant. Right now,I'm in no position to have another child, since emotionally, physically and financially I just can't think about having a baby. Also, I think about what if this is the "son" i never had since I have two daughters....any advice!!! I'm so confused.
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