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April 25th, 2011, 07:06 PM
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I am confused last month i had my period March 18 and i am normally 28 days cycle so i am expecting to have my period this month somewhere in 15 or 16 but i didn't have it until 4-23 which started really really light that i didn't used a pad and it just left light brown color on my liner but when i wipe after i urinating i see a blood on the tissue and it's red, i just started using pad on the third day but it's not like the normal period i used to have, this time i don't feel any cramping which i usually get every time i have my period. My husband and i used natural method and this is the first time that my period started really late. Could i be pregnant? I am still bleeding and sometimes i see a small blood clot when i urinate. I also feel nauseous and sometimes i feel like i'm sleepy and tired even when my bleeding/period started? I already had one pregnancy but i never experience this when i had my son so i'm confused and worried at the same time coz i'm not sure if i am having my period, miscarriage or implantation bleeding.
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