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April 30th, 2011, 08:36 AM
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Hello ladies! I'm Priscilla, 28, pregnant with baby 4 (8th pregnancy).

I went to the ER last night after I had some cramping and brown discharge on Wed and more cramping, along with pink discharge, on Thur (yesterday). I was finally told today (after a recheck with a walk in OB and 2nd u/s) that my baby is measuring 6wks along (I'm supposed to be 7wks 3days and I'm 100% accurate on ovulation/conception) and his HB is very slow (80-90). To top that off I have a subchronic hematoma. I've never had this issue before (that I've been aware of) but I'm terrified. They told me to prepare to lose the baby =0( I go back in in 7-10 days for a repeat u/s to check growth. I was wondering if anyone's had this issue and had all turn out fine. Thank you.
Hi Priscilla I hope you are doing well. I know how it feels to wait after the detection of low heart rate. I waited 3 weeks before I missed carried last year. They detected the slow hr at week 5. I kept reminding myself that I would only miss carry if the development of the baby is not normal. I searched alot about it and came to conclusion that Some times the DNA can be so wrong that it can not even develop to be a baby. What I mean is trust in the nature and hope for the best out come. Unless you are not having repeated miscarriages it is the natures selection. Thinking like this some how makes me accept the situation easier. I am pregnant again, 10wks, and went to the ER last night with heavy bleeding. I live in the UK, where they don't treat you unless you are dying. They didn't do a scan, but told me cervix is closed and this is a good sign. Absolutely no explanation for heavy bleeding. I m in bed resting and hoping that it will stop. Or I might start having cramps and miscarry I just have to wait and see. As I m waiting I did some search and concluded that I too might have SCH. Apparently some doctors suggest taking aspirin as it will help clear the blood clot. I also found out that blood clots usually clears and pregnancy continues as normal. If there is any tearing it might heal, apparently after normal bleeding if you see dark dryish discharge it could be a sign of this healing. Don't loose your hope but be prepared also. There is worse then worse, that is the emotional breakdown and keep blaming ourselves after the miscarriage. And if your pregnancy will continue the baby will be feeling your stress so try to stay
positive and well
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