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May 2nd, 2011, 03:02 PM
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I have to add my 2 cents! Prior to this baby, I had four babies with medical induction (the doctors said I had too much amniotic fluid to carry safely beyond my due date). This time around, with baby #5, I had seen a doctor at a different medical practice, and she wanted to "wait it out". Imagine, I didn't! I was determined to have this baby born by his due date! Here’s what I did (and it worked!). Sunday morning, I made a fruit smoothie with 2 lbs fresh diced pineapple, 2 lbs fresh diced mango, and about a dozen those huge Costco strawberries (actually, all three fruits came from Costco). I also added plain yogurt and honey for flavor. I drank that all day long, there was about half a gallon of this stuff. Two days later, I woke up to a bloody show. I called the hospital, and they told me to go in. After being watched for three hours and not dilating more than 1 cm, they sent me home. I was sooo frustrated! oh, I also lost my mucous plug while I was at the hospital. They told me it could still take days - up to two weeks! NO, I thought, this baby is coming today! So, I went and had a lunch with my hubby and a girlfriend - eggplant parmesan at a local Olive Garden. All the while the contractions were coming on every 10 minutes, and were about 2-3 on a 10-gradient pain scale - not enough to make me progress in laboring. Then, hubby and I came home and went for a nice, long (2 hours long, to be exact!) walk. When we came back, I took an hour-long shower. Then, we did the "naughty"... I made sure to get all the semen into me. By 6 pm, the contractions were coming on every 6 minutes and were becoming progressively more painful. I had hubby drop me off at the hospital, where a girlfriend had met me (I checked in and told the nurses I was NOT going home this time until the baby was born. They all joked about it, but little did they know I was right). Hubby went to pick up the kids and his mother (they were there since they got out of school that day), and bring them back to our house. We thought there was a plenty of time. When I got into my hospital room, I was dilated whooping 4 centimeters. The nurse started putting the IV in my arm, by then the pain was unbearable, I was screaming for meds! 45 minutes, 4 pokes in my arms (they kept hitting the valves); the 2 nurses got IV into me. They went to check if I could still have meds - nope, I was at 8.5 cm. 30 minutes later, my water broke, and the baby boy decided it was time. My girlfriend called my hubby, who just got into the hospital garage (thank GOD!), and he barely made it for the arrival of our baby boy! The baby was squeaky clean at birth, none of the gross-looking white stuff on him! So, pineapple and mango do induce labor, and eggplant parmesan, walking and sex help it along. LOL
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