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May 10th, 2011, 01:08 PM
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Hello All,
I'm a new to this board, the only reason I was looking to join a forum is that i don't have anyone to talk to. I have my husband who is great, don't get me wrong, but its not the same talking to another woman, especially one going through the same thing.
So here's my story, I have one healthy beautiful little girl who is two, I started trying for my second November 2010, I got pregnant but lost it in December 10, tried again got pregnant in Feb 11 lost it in April got pregnant in April 11 and lost it in May; Mother's day. I mean come on whats wrong with me, i had one healthy child, why oh why is this happening to me. I want a sibling for my daughter, i don't want her to be growing up alone.
I am now waiting for a referral for a specialist. All this waiting sucks, waiting for bloodtest results, waiting for doctors, waiting to see if i will bleed while being pregnant.
I just feel so numb, and sad, what if i can never continue a pregnancy to full term. I pray and hope the specialist will help me. On an even worse note, doc wants me to not try and get pregnant for the next few months, till i heal, so i have to wait.
How do you make yourself stop thinking of the loss, everytime i look at my daughter i feel sad.
I should have started trying earlier but i wanted to lose the weight first, and now look what's that got me. I can't talk to anyone, I keep telling myself, some women have it worse than me and that i should be happy but its so hard. I pray and hope with all my heart that i will get pregnant in the next year or so.
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