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May 28th, 2011, 04:48 PM
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I need help ladies im beside myself with emotions right now and im so scared. Last nov i feel pregnant which was planned with my fiancee, the next 12 and a half weeks was the worst ever for me my partner who has had a anphtimines problem in the past fell of the wagon and started to do drugs hard. I decided that a bub would be no good to come into a life like that and that he was not ready. I decided to terminate it was the hardest thing i did as i had done all things right and all was good with the baby. My partner did a 360 the day of the termination but i could not take his word as he was high at the time. The termination did not go smoothly and i had to go back 2 more times and a week in hospital each time back. My cycle did not go back to normal and my doctor said i was going to get a period any day. That day never came and a few months later i found out i was pregnant again. I must admitt i kinda lost it and i think it was due to how scared it had made me and i was majorly sick straight away. My partner has left me on my own with this now he has changed his number and is staying with friends so i dont know how to contact him.Ihave made contact via his friends so he can contact me but they all think me being so ill and in and out of hospital is funnny. Im telling all of u this so i can get some feed back im so scared about this im 8and a half weeks now andim so scared to go through what i went through last time. Every one has said to me get rid of it if he is doing this now he is not interested and does not care. I spoke to him on friday and i just wanted him to say he wanted nothing to do with me or the baby and it would be enough for me. He couldnt do that he said he doesnt know. I dont know what to do im a mess and hope you can help.
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