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May 31st, 2011, 02:24 PM
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I have a weird situation. I am six weeks pregnant today. I've had some type of spotting or bleeding since the beginning of my pregnancy (this is my second pregnancy, I have a six-year old daughter). I passed a clot on Saturday (three days ago) and then again this morning and afternoon. Called the doctor and they sent me for my BETA HcG quantitative levels. They came back at 7065 which is very high for a person who is potentially miscarrying. The doc wants me to go for an ultrasound tomorrow morning to see what's going on. I can't imagine I'm still pregnant and am confused as to why my levels would be so high. I'm also supposed to go back for more blood work on Thursday to see how the levels have changed. Can anyone relate to this experience? I've had little to no pain through this whole thing. Is it possible to be pregnant with twins and lose one while the other is perfectly fine?
I'm scared and nervous.
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