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June 3rd, 2011, 10:15 PM
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I had a miscarriage April 13th 2011 and a D&C April 17th 2011. Before my miscarriage I had two good pregnancies and have two wonderful boys. I fighting my ex for full custody and had to travel to a different state while my husband stayed home at worked. Naturally I felt so alone going through these horrible events. I'm going on 2 months and i'm still hurting. I was 10 weeks pregnant. My husband and I have made plans to try again but at times he is so indecisive. I feel like i'm trying to fill a void instead of coping with it. I try to act as if i'm fine but it hurts to see all these babies. Everyone I know family or friends either just had a baby or are pregnant. My 16 year old sister just found out she is pregnant and i'm not sure if i'm upset with her or just jealous. I know i'm not coping well because I get so angry at my husband, I feel like he doesn't understand how much it hurts or what i'm going through. He tells me he wants another baby yet when that time comes he's tired and says we have years to try again. I don't feel that way. I am so blessed and thank God every night that he has blessed me with my children yet I still feel selfish asking him to give me another child. I don't understand what it is i'm going through and talking to my family and friends does not help.
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