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June 10th, 2011, 08:12 PM
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I am new to this message board so I hope I post this correctly.

I am currently 43 years old and 9w2d pregnant. This past week+ has been a roller coaster and I wasn't sure what was happening until I did a Google search and found this thread. Many of the women's stories sound like my own. I thought I'd share.

Last week Tuesday I was 7w6d when I noticed some pink spotting. I didn't think too much of it since my husband and I had had sex the night before and I would spot just a little pink/red with my son's pregnancy (around this same time gestationally). Throughout the day the bleeding increased and by night it had changed to red blood but not a ton, mostly spotting (only a pantiliner necessary).

On Wednesday I had horrible cramps on and off most of the day. I figured I was miscarrying since a girlfriend of mine who had miscarried in the past told me her symptoms and mine were the same. Wednesday night it was difficult to sleep because of the cramps but I refused to take any pain reliever in case the baby held on. On Thursday, more bleeding all day and I switched to a light pad both Wednesday and Thursday.

I already had my first OB appointment scheduled for Friday so when I went in for it, I mentioned I'd been bleeding and asked for an ultrasound first. We'd had an ultrasound around 6.5weeks and saw the heartbeat so I knew all was well at one point. I was completely prepared to see no heartbeat but there it was -- very healthy!

The doctor/sonographer mentioned it might be a SCH but they weren't sure. So much of the first trimester is left to chance and I left with a "wait and see" approach. By the way, my doctor did not instruct me to do or not do anything. No pelvic rest, no bedrest as others have been instructed. I think it's a personal decision whether you decide to follow that advice -- according to my doctor, there is no data that suggests it helps but I know it feels good to "do something" (or in this case, NOT do something) to try to fix the situation.

I bled quite heavily on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday night I went through an overnight pad in about 1-2 hours. I was passing some fibrous, clot-like tissue (quarter to half dollar sized). On Monday I also bled pretty heavily. Around 6:00 that night I had what I am now referring to as "uterine armageddon". I had a couple intense cramps and had to sit down to breathe through them. I rushed to the bathroom and a VERY large (probably plum-sized) clot passed. I could feel it move through me. TONS of blood followed along with numerous smaller clots. I thought FOR SURE I'd miscarried. After that event, I passed other clots throughout the night (although only one plum-sized).

I called my OB in the morning to tell her about the events of the evening before. I asked to have an ultrasound because I'd rather know if the pregnancy was over. I went in COMPLETELY expecting them to tell me the baby was gone when there it was, heartbeat strong and had grown appropriately in the 4 days since my last ultrasound! I would never in a MILLION years think it was possible if it hadn't happened to me!

Tuesday I bled fairly heavy with more clots, Wednesday was a little less, Thursday even less. Today is Friday (11 days after the bleeding started) and the bleeding is back to spotting and appears to be turning a dark red/brownish. I went in for another ultrasound this afternoon and the baby is still fine -- heartbeat strong and growing appropriately! I believe my SCH has pretty much "bled out" at this point but time will tell.

I'm hoping this story helps others going through the same thing. I honestly DO NOT KNOW how my baby is fine through all this but he/she is -- at least for the moment. We've got a lot of weeks ahead of us but I'll update again if something significant happens.

Good luck to all!
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