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July 18th, 2011, 01:35 AM
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okay it might get a little confusing but i had unprtected sex on the 1st of this month. and expected my period on the 8th on the same day i took a hpt but it came back negs. (my period is normally on time or a day or 2 off never anymore than that). anyways we did it again on the 13th. i then went to the doctors on the 15th n took a test there it also came back negiative. i've had just bout all the signs i know of; over tiredness, late period, nausea sorta feeling, headaches, n the worst back pain (but i think that ones cause my back is just ****** up). just this moring i noticed like dark red almost brown spots of blood so put a med in n the last 2 times ive changed it they came out with a little blood on like enough to cover it. i never been on or took the moring after pill or any birth control.
is this my period (considering its just under 2 weeks late) or spotting or what im so confused?
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