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July 18th, 2011, 07:31 PM
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So I was on seasonique until June 20th give or take. And when my boyfriend returned from his deployment (June 15th) I was on antibiotics and I've never been one to remember to take my birth control everyday, hence my first child.

Anyway I was feeling extra nauseated so I took a pregnancy test on June 27th that came out with an extremely faint positive line but the next day I had bleeding that was full of tissue and it only lasted 3 days. (Not sure what it was all about, whether from the seasonique or a possible miscarriage).

But now to my current situation, my boyfriend and I had sex about four times from July 2- July 9 and on July 5th I had discharge with a brownish-red color in it, it was only present in the mucous and only came out on toilet paper. Now fast-forward a few weeks to July 15th I took an ovulation test and it was faint but positive and my discharge was very long and the egg-white type and we also had sex then. So lately I've been very emotional (even though it may be because his reintegration hasn't been easy but we're starting counseling to get back to normal), some minor cramping, extremely tired, nauseated (a lot at night and after meals), some heartburn, and the veins in my breasts are more visible mainly after showers, and kinda irritable.

I've taken way too many pregnancy tests but they are all the most popular ones like first response, ept, and answer (I live in the country so no stores around the area carry the ones with the higher sensitivity) all have been negative. Also today after work I noticed my discharge was a milky white and a little thick.

I'm writing this because I really would like others opinions on this, the waiting is killing me, I'd love to be pregnant. I'm just not sure of anything because of the seasonique stopping periods and ovulation. I'm starting to think I might be going a little crazy. I'm according to my app on my phone, not supposed to have a period until the first weekend of August but once again it's all uncertain because of seasonique.

Any opinions? Once again I apologize for the way too long comment.
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