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July 19th, 2011, 07:06 PM
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I was 5weeks 5days pregnant when my Husband and I heard the Hearbeat and saw that our Baby is started to formed, and got theUltrasound Photo in our hand. But aside for the good news our Doctor told us that there is a big Blood clot or HEMATOMA around the Gestational Sac, the Blood clot need to come out somehow or maybe my body will absorbs it. My Doctor said it's dangerous also because there's a possible that the blood clot can also pull the Gestational Sac and the Baby itself, but let's cross our fingers crossed praying no negative happen. My Doctor give me the anti-bleeding and increased my USTROGESTAN insertion.

On my 6weeks I felt a little cramps not bad though and I started to spotting to a brown color blood I said good it was brown and only spotting but later on Im peeing this brownies blood became heavier until I need to use a big pad I feel like I'm having my periods and the cramps still going
with a little pain until time for bed and I still need to use the big pad.
I feel afraid already my husband is keep on making me calmed, until early in the morning like 2am I woke up to pee and my pad is full so need to
change again, the pee now is color bright red with a hunk of blood clot I
tried not to think negative went back to bed and maybe after an hour got up again to pee and then all of the sudden I feel something dropping a huge hunk of blood clot again with a britgh red blood.
When I woke up in the morning by 7am there's only a few amount in my pad and the blood stop I feel good, but u felt something wrong I contact my Doctor and I got check-up yesterday with my Husband the tears started to dropped when I heard NO HEARTBEAT and the Gestational Sac is invisible my Doctor keep on searching where's my Baby but nothing in my womb, excep a few blood clot.
I started to feel bad and wanting to shou bad, my Husband hug me right away and I hide my face through his arms crying blaming my self. But my Husband said you dint do anything wrong you been resting in the house the intire months since the day of the EggRETRIEVAL till yesterday.

We went to church to pray our baby and I'm still thankful to God and to my baby for the letting me feel being a Mommy for 6weeks though it is hard to accept but I have to refer my body back in shape to have my next baby again in 3months and praying that this time I'll carry full term to a healthy baby.
I know my baby right now is already became an Angel and it's in the Kingdom of God.
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