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July 19th, 2011, 08:41 PM
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Wow... I cannot belive the harshness going on about this article. I am a Mommy to two wonderful children. I breastfed my son until he was six months old... after he bit me for the third time I called mercy and it seemed it was time because before I knew it I was dry as a bone anyway... no engorgement nothing and he started to sleep better. My LO is now two months old and I have struggled with the decision for a month and a half and have decided to quit breastfeeding her and switch her to formula. She has had a terrible first two months. Her happiest time was about 2-3 hours after a feeding... I would feed her and to no avail... screaming... again. We attributed it to colic but someone suggested trying to not breastfeed for a few days and see what happens... Wala... we have been having wonderful days and nights and she is a totally different baby. I am definately a beliver that breast is best but when a baby is awake screaming MORE than he/she is sleeping... I wouldn't say that is best. All she does is sleep now... I figure she is catching up. I am continuing to pump to keep my supply there just in case... but after beating myself up over my breastfeeding failure and whether I was bad for doing this... I truly feel that the formula is working better than the breastfeeding. I would much rather wake up, throw the boob in her mouth than have to make a bottle. I am far too busy raising my little ones to worry and judge other mothers for what works best for them.
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