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August 8th, 2011, 07:20 AM
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Mine was unplanned because I was told I was unable to get pregnant and for 5 years I haven't every time as been unprotected too. I just couldn't believe my luck I find out I'm 6 weeks pregnant 3 weeks after my almost 11 year marrage breaks up. I tell him and he ask me if it's his wow really I don't believe in cheating and his cheating is why we broke up to begin with If I was cheating would I really have cared that he was? Anyways I told him 3 weeks ago and I told him 2 days ago (when our other kids called him) why hadn't he even called to talk to his kids he says to me that he is not like me everything has hit him so hard. I thought at first he was talking about me and the kids not being there no he was talking about his mistress being mad at him when he told her I was pregnant. Then he ask me if I had this planned I asked him if he was for real cause ummm he was there for the last 5 years when he wanted another kid so bad and we were told we couldn't have another one.
sorry to ramble but just because this was unplanned I still am happy and feel very blessed that I am having a 3rd child with my husband cause normally he is a great dad and really does love his kids if he could just quit going through his mid-life crisis (which he's to young for) already.

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