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August 16th, 2011, 04:09 PM
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I was diagnosed with SCH in my first pregnancy. My child today is a healthy, energetic four year old. I was very worried since I bled like I was having normal periods for five months. Now in this pregnancy, I was diagnosed again.

I am not too worried as for some women, it was normal to bleed occasionally during pregnancy. We saw the heartbeat during the first pregnancy and second and we are being seen more frequently. The best person to discuss your concerns about SCH is your doctor and OB. Like I said, most people with SCH are monitored more frequently and if there are any large risk to the baby (placenta detaching, etc,.), your doctor will know what needs to be done.

I admit I've read a few articles myself about SCH as I was diagnosed again recently but increased stress is also high-risk to the baby.

Sorry to anyone who has experienced a loss as a result of SCH.
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