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August 26th, 2011, 03:33 PM
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i dont agree sorry but last june i gave birth to twin boy i wasnt due till october. no they did not make it but nomatter if u are exspecting jst 1 baby or more there is always a chance of something happening. i sat in the hospital for 3days in full labor the doctors wanted me to sit there for 1 week but that didnt happen 72 hours of full labor dialated to 10 from the start was not fun but even tho that happened im not gonna give up. doctors told me i have a 70% of having twins again. i kno wat to exspect now n i kno wat needs done to have a better chance of them making it. doctors said my cervix was weak so it gave out. yes having a multipule birth can b risky but like i said it doesnt matter wether its 1 or 2 u r taking the same chances. but i would never wish a lose of a child on anyone. at the age of 18 i went throught this life changing challenge . im now 19 n im getting ready to try again.
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