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September 10th, 2011, 02:33 PM
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I took my 3yr old son to dr. Back in January he had frequent urination wet the bed which was unusual. I thought he had a uti. Dr sent urine for unrinaylsis it came back he had glucose an ketones in his urine. She sent him for blood work to check his a1c the levels was fine she stated. Never really said much either. So I started thinking diabetes changed his diet to cut back sweets an juice. He was fine for a while. But he is always thirsty an sometimes urinates a lot. An recently started tobwet self again. Took to a different dr. Check sugar at time he had 2nd prior an sugar level was 130 which he said was fine. Took him to see his ped dr. She check his urine and said it was not concentrated. An with all that has been going on she wants him seen by endocrinologist. I so worried my 3yr old is diabetic
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