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October 3rd, 2011, 06:42 PM
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Hello!! My story with SCH goes like this.....

I am currently 8wks6ds. I had been spotting on and off from the time I found out I was pregnant.(2.5wks ago) This made me very nervous. I had my last baby 11 years ago and don't recall spotting with either him or his older brother. On top of that stress I am already high risk cus of my age (36). I know that SCH does not age discrimanate. I talked to 3 or 4 ppl everytime I spotted. Is this normal to spot? yes it is and the book also told me it is. But to me it doesn't feel right. One night after sex I wiped brite red. a friend told me it was cus of the sex. I went out of town for a day on saturday. I got home around 1030pm.....I was still stressed cus of the spotting. This is my Fiances' first baby. I went to the bathroom and this time when I wiped the blood was a lil darker but there was more of it. I calmly told him I wanted to go to the ER. A US was ordered and I got to see my wee lil baby and a fast lil heart beat. baby was just fine. It appeared that I had 2 clots on each side. I was put on pelvic rest (no sex) till my follow up with my Dr.

I keep reading that this can clear it self up and that is what I am trying to hold onto, intill I read that some of you have miscarried.....and now I am petrafied all over again. I don't want to lose this baby. I think we can deal with no sex if we really have to, but I am not sure if I can afford to stay out of work if so ordered by my Doc.
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