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October 4th, 2011, 11:23 PM
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I found out at 8 weeks that i had a SCH. I never had any bleeding or reason to think something was wrong. I went for my first ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks. The tech was acting really strange and would not let me see my baby. As she was finishing I told her I wanted to see my baby and she told me it was hard to see cause its so early. I told her I know its small but it has a heartbeat and I want to see it. she showed me briefly and I saw the heart fluttering and she moved it away. I had such an uneasy feeling because of her reaction and went into the doctor 5 days later for my first appointment and found out about the sch. My Doctor told me I could be miscarrying but said there is no proof that bed rest will make any difference all I could do is pray. So I did take it easy and went in for a follow up 3 weeks later where I found out there was no heartbeat and I saw my baby on the ultrasound. I had a d&c the next day because my body never recognized my baby had died. I passed more placenta after d&c and had to have a second d&c two weeks later. Now it has been a month since I found out my baby did not make it and I am still bleeding and have a hcg level of 70. I ham having such a hard time with this. I am blessed to have 3 healthy children already but still I don't know how to get over losing my baby. It doesn't help that my body wont heal and my heart wont heal until I can get rid of this constant reminder. Everyone says it happens because the fetus wasn't right or healthy, but with the sch, does that just mean it was a healthy baby but the blood clot kept it from growing? I am sorry to anyone else going through this. It is such a scary situation to sit and wait to see if your baby is
going to be ok. I hope and pray anyone reading this who has this problem has a healthy pregnancy
and baby.
I am not sure if I am responding correctly here, this is my first day on this system. I just want you to know that I know exactly how you feel. 2 years ago last month I had a very similar experience with my first pregnancy and it devastated me. I bled bright red blood non stop for four weeks with large gushes of blood that sent us to the ER or doctor several times. Finally, the weekend before week 8 I stopped bleeding. Went in the following Tuesday for my weekly US and there was no heartbeat. Checked again two days later, still no heartbeat. Had a D and C the next day. But my problems didn't stop there. Even after the miscarriage I continued to bleed for 10 months! I had three more surgeries an none could reveal the problem. Just constant bleeding all the time. The suddenly one day it stopped. I had normal cycles for two months and our doc said to try again. We did and immediately got pregnant and miscarried again week 6. More tests, more misdiagnosis and I finally ores my doc. Found a new one and here I am today 26 weeks pregnant. All this new doc did was give me a progesterone supplement from day one we knew were pregnant til week 13. And here we are. About to finally have a baby!
Did my heart die with each of my miscarriages? Yes. Does the joy of this present pregnancy cause me to forget that pain? Not at all like I thought it would. It's a very long and hard process, losing ones child, no matter how brief a time you had them. I am so sorry you had to experience what I did.
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