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October 31st, 2011, 07:33 AM
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I just wanted to come back and post this, because a few weeks ago I was driving myself crazy. My fiance and I have been trying to conceive since June 2011. And each month it didn't happen, or while waiting, I was going on these websites whenever I saw or felt something I thought wasn't normal. I have read a lot about implantation bleeding, and I can tell you it DOES happen. I got my period on Sept 25th, had it for 5 days until Sept 30th. 3 Days later I HAD to have ovulated (they say you ovulate on your 14th day, well this was my 9th day) so I ovulated early, right after I got over my period. So Oct 3 we have sex, then Oct 7th at the end of the day I notice the spotting. It lasted for 3 days. Very light, but noticeable. I was SURE this was implantation bleeding, because I JUST had my period the previous week. But according to most books, websites and doctors, implantation bleeding doesn't happen until right before your next period. Well I was way early. Indeed, it seems I ovulated early, and implanted early. So I wasn't sure, but felt like it couldn't be anything else. Well here we are Oct 31st. I missed my period, it was due on Oct 25th. I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and I am happy to say, it was positive, and I AM pregnant. I DID experience implantation bleeding, I DID ovulate early, I DID conceive RIGHT AFTER my period was over. I KNOW there are woman out there just like me, that see what everyone else says and does, and then deflate because it doesn't fit with what's happening to them. I just hope someone reading this is relieved or can relate their own experiences, and feel a little better that they may be pregnant. Only women who really want to be pregnant search for this type of information. Just know we're ALL different, you can't really go by anything anyone says! TRUST YOUR GUT!
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