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November 18th, 2011, 02:04 PM
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We've all heard that they're the best right?

Well the newest design of the FRER for most, a line appears regardless if you're pregnant or not, and it will go away after a few minutes or a few hours. It can be white, or pink, or go from one to the other back to white.

If you are TTC and want to test early, Please do not use a FRER or Answer Early (made by same company) until you've seen a positive on another test or AF is late. I don't want your hearts to break with their design saying "YES" for an hour and then "HA just kidding" a bit later. According to FRER the line will last 48 hours if it's indeed a positive....

What I have noticed is the lines that fade with in a few hours do not show on an Inverted picture. But to me you shouldn't have to play with a visible line, just the ones you really have to squint at hard.

I love you ladies to pieces, I don't want you to deal with the confusion that *I* had to last week.
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