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November 18th, 2011, 02:15 PM
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Hi I had sch at 6 weeks. They said it was gone by 12 weeks. At 14 weeks I had a massive bleed. At 16 weeks I was admitted in the hospital with preterm labour and spotting I went home on complete rest. At 19 weeks I started bleeding with clots the size of my hand. I was on complete hospital rest until 26 weeks bleeding constantly and having clots. I deliver my baby at 1 day shy of 26 weeks. He was perfectly normal but passed away few weeks latter because at birth his placenta separated completely and he was starved from oxygen. They also found a massive blood cloth on the placenta that was from the sch which they couldn't detect on ultrasounds. I don't want to scare anyone but sch is a serious pregnancy complication. And it can mask itself Like as if it has disappeared. A lot of the time ultrasounds can't see everything specially if it's behind the placenta. My advise to anyone is even if the doctors say it's gone I will put my self on pelvic rest, no sex, no heavy activity, no vacuuming or lifting anything, and no stress. I had a baby before the one who I lost who had sch too which was a lot bigger too and he made it. So the size of sch is not what matter it's where the sch is and what damage causes. Take it seriously a lot of girls look at the 1-3% chance of loosing the baby but I think they need to update the statistics I have since met a lot of moms who had the same happened to them because of sch. People wt sch are prone to placenta abruption, which can be fatal to baby what happened in my case. I had vaginal birth which of course complicated things even more. If I was able to turn back time I woul have requested ceserian section. Perhaps my baby would have still be here. Don't want to scary anyone but I hope I can help someone. Take care..
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