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November 19th, 2011, 04:22 PM
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Joey, I read these comments and I feel for you women. For the ones that are not military wives. Does your man do laundry,go food shopping,pick up things out of place ( paper towels and clothes on the floor when he gets home from work ). I do these things after coming home from work. My girl is stressed out cause there are times I do not come in as early. I have responsibilities around the house that I tend to also. A happy middle point is what is needed for husbands that are lazy but what about the guys that continue to try to cover areas around the household ( like me )cause it doesn't get done unless I take care of it. Sacrifice is part of life and it stinks too but if you don't do it.Other areas will not be taken care of. Funds could also be an issue. There are many issue's to a relationship.Being on the computer alot or the people you surround yourself with could be an issue also. These are factors. Gossiping about things to friends also cause stress between couples.I could go on and on but I want to be on the clock to get paid for this advice,haha. You do have to communication in a relationship but put all the cards on the table and divide it all up.For my finally,to the Navy wife.If your man is away working for long periods of time.You knew what you were getting in to. Financially ,it was a better life.As far as quality time, that is a different story. That is the Sacrifice you pledged to your man. Tell him to get a regular schedule job. Thank You.
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