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November 30th, 2011, 09:29 AM
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Do you color your own hair or is it professionally done? I do it myself. Too expensive to go get it done.

Do you use box color or do you buy your color from a beauty supply store? Beauty Supply Store. The developer in boxed dyes don't do anything to change the color of my hair. The *one* time I paid someone to dye my hair, she didn't use a strong enough developer and there was no change. I have to use no lower than 20 even if staying with my actual hair color (which i almost never do)

What is your favorite color to have your hair? I also like reds. I hate my natural color. Up until I started dying it, I *hated* my hair. Now it's fun. (speaking of.... i need to do it again. bought the dye but forgot the bottle... oopsy!)

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