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December 2nd, 2011, 12:27 PM
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Just wanted to share my story because I remember in th beginning of this pregnancy reading all of these comments was my lifeline. This is my 2nd pregnancy, 1st was a breeze and no problems! I saw this baby at 8 wk 2 days and 5 days later started gushing blood everywhere. I was certain I was losing the baby. To my surprise the baby was doing just fine when we arrived at the ER. I was then diagnosed with sch. It was rather large. 5 cm x 4x 3cm. I continued to bleed at least every week and was put on bed rest from 11 weeks to 14 wks. The bleeding stopped after about 15 weeks and wet from bright red to dark brown. I have been seeing my Obgyn and a specialist regularly. My clot didn't resolve or get reabsorb until I was 24 wks. And no signs of it since! I am almost 29 weeks however I have a new concern these days. My cervix has shortened significantly an is only 1.7 cm in size. So I am at risk for preterm labor. But this story is to give hope because I have made it this far and my little girl has an excellent chance of survival! Stay strong ladies and best luck to all!
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