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December 9th, 2011, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by .Stacy. View Post
Honestly, each pregnancy is different, so I believe CM is different with each pregnancy. My first I had tons and tons of CM, I always felt wet and like AF was coming. With my second I was so very dry and with my third I had creamy cm but it wasnt tons of it. Just thick and creamy.
I don't really think CM is a good factor in determining pregnancy since it does vary so much.
Hi Stacy,

I agree with you, each is different. I've been pregnant 4 times, all resulting in miscarriage before 8 weeks, and hopefully I'm pregnant for a fifth time. My fiance and I have been foregoing any kind of protection beyond the occasional VCF, but last month we used nothing at least once a week for the whole month. My CM is obscenely heavy, which is totally out of the you said, it's as if AF is knocking on my door. However, when I wipe, or "dip stick" there's nothing except an off white lotiony mucus. I thought I had a 30 day cycle since AF visits on the 7th of every month like clock work...and I suppose I'm not supposed to test till the 14th of this month...but I'm so darn anxious! I swear I'm pregnant, despite the negative tests I've taken. I've popped blood vessels in my face from vomiting so much, and no, I do not have a cold. I'm 2 days late *an hour away from 3* and still no sign of AF.
I hope I'm pregnant!! Fingers crossed!!
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