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December 25th, 2011, 07:25 PM
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Hi evryone! Im a newbie here.

It is really nice to read all of your experiences here. It make me think that There's many other women who had experience on miscarriage.
Im 27 had two nonsuccessive pregnancy. my first was march 2010, we had our first uts and the OB said the baby is healthy then exactly 8 weeks. I had this little brown spots in my undies and when my OB told me to have a UTS they told me that the baby have no heartbeat anymore then I have my D&C.
My second pregnancy is this sept 2011 but sad to say the pregnancy stop and i had miscarriage..All the feelings that you experience I also felt it until now but I'm really ok now I already accept it.

Right now we want to try to have a baby a gain but maybe next year.. I don't know but Iam really scared.
It make me sad thinking that sometimes others who doesnt want to have a baby are having one but for us who really want to have a baby;its hard for us to have it.
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