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December 26th, 2011, 08:27 PM
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All together I have been pregnant 9 times, here is a lil about my history; 1993-abortion, 1997-baby boy, 1998-abortion, 2001-baby girl, 2002-missed miscarriage, 2003-ectopic, 2004-baby girl, 2005-missed miscarriage, December 6th, 2011-chemical pregnancy. Ok so that's my history and I'm currently ttc with my fiancée, we've been trying for a year so I was so excited when we got pregnant last month only to have it end a couple days later. Has anyone else had a successful pregnancy after a history similar to mine? Any success stories would really lift my hopes! S/n I currently have a few symptoms of being pregnant again but it's too soon to know.
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