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December 29th, 2011, 05:46 AM
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Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your stories. As someone else said, there are so many strong women here!

Here's my long story...

DH and I got married in Sept. 2008. I started temping and tracking my cycles in April 2009 and in July 2009, we officially started TTC. By June 2010, after a year of regular cycles and well-timed BDing all we had were BFNs. We went to see an RE in June 2010. Tests showed that my tubes were clear, BW loooked good except for slightly elevated FSH and DHs S/A looked perfect. They said we had "unexplained infertility" and suggested medicated IUI cycles. We tried three IUI cycles - all BFNs. After this I was really feeling broken and ready to give up. I took a break from traditional MA and instead started acupuncture and Chinese herbs and kept TTC naturally for several months.

In early 2011, we decided to pursue IVF. I found a clinical trial in NY which was comparing traditional IVF (lots of meds) to mini-IVF (minimal meds) and I was accepted to the trial. This felt like an amazing break because, even though I would have to travel from DC to NY, the trial covered all of the costs of IVF including the meds. I was placed in the traditional IVF group and started all the meds. About 10 days into my cycle, I went from having 6 follies to 1 follie and was told that I was not a good candidate for traditional IVF. I was kicked out of the trial. I was completely devestated by this and felt like I had run out of options. I had a follow-up consultation with the RE running the trial and he said that I had diminished ovarian reserve and that I might do better with mini-IVF. We decided to continue at the clinic in NY as paying patients and give it a try. We did three cycles of mini-IVF and retrieved a total of six eggs and ended up with 5 snow babies. We did multiple cycles because we wanted to have extra embryos for future children so that we won't have to go through another retrieval when my eggs are even older (and more diminished).

In July 2011, we did our first frozen embryo transfer and got pregnant. But the baby never grew past 6 weeks and I had a D&C at 8 weeks.

We did our second frozen embryo transfer in early November and I got another BFP. I will be 11 weeks tomorrow and so far everything looks perfect!
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My History
Jenn in DC=37 DH=46
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Cycles 1-12 = BFN
Cycle #13 - 15= IUIs with Clomid & Gonal F - All BFNs
Cycle #16 -21 - Natural Cycles, started acupuncture and chinese herbs - BFN
Cycle #22 - IVF Clinical Trial. Cycle Cancelled.
Cycle #23 - Minimal Stimulation IVF #1 - 2 eggs retrieved, fertilized and frozen on Day 3.
Cycle #24 - Mini-IVF #2 - 2 eggs retrieved, fertilized and frozen as expanded blasts on Day 5.
Cycle #25 - Mini-IVF #3 - 4 eggs retrieved (two mature and 2 immature), one egg made it to blast and was frozen. Five snowbabies in all!! Hysteroscopy.
Cycle #26 Single Frozen Embryo Transfer. BFP and then miscarriage
Cycle #27 - Single Frozen Embryo Transfer. BFP!!
Due Date: July 20th
Aven Robert Born on August 4th
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