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January 4th, 2012, 03:55 PM
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I have a diagnosed SCH. I am 9wks 3 days. We found out immediately when we became pregnant because we had done a cycle of clomid and were monitoring ovulation.

Initially I went in at 5 wks due to left groin pain. They did a transvaginal sono to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. They couldnt see much that early on and had me come back in at 6wks. Able to see the heartbeat and rule out an ectopic pregnancy but saw the SCH. Went back at 7 wks and they thought the SCH had absorbed but once they did the transvaginal sono they could see it hadnt. At 9 wks the SCH is still present. I have had 1 episode of brown mucous when wiping at 5wks and 1 episode of pink mucous when wiping at 7wks. The SCH is located at the fondus but I do not know the exact size.

One thing that I would ask is that a transvaginal sono be done in addition to the abdominal sono. They are uncomfortable but they are able to see more and would have not identified my SCH had they just done an abdominal sono.

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