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January 7th, 2012, 12:34 PM
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I'm not sure if you have taken your child to the GI specialist, but it wouldn't hurt. My daughter reacted to so many different foods as an infant and was on the very expensive version of formula from Similac. The GI specialist did a barium swallow and endoscopy to determine the cause of blood in her spitup. Her reflux has caused erosion in her esophagus and had to take Nexium (as an infant). They had only just started offering the infant dose. My daughter would also have spots of dryness on her skin, "red bumps" (as she called her, they were slightly itchy) and "icky burps." She is now 4 and we weined her off of the Nexium and modify her diet with very little acidic or greasy foods to reduce the reflux she experiences. I hope things with your infant improve! It can be very difficult to get the doctors to listen to you! Trust your inner "mommy" instinct!
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