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January 14th, 2012, 02:24 AM
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Hi everyone,
I need some advice please, about what im experiencing. Hope someone can help

I am 24yrs old and have been on levlen ed for 6yrs and a bit now, and have also been diagnosed with having polyscystic ovaries.

My period usually last for about 4-5 days and run on a 28 day cycle, never had a prob and have been taking my pill every night around and between 9.30pm -12.oopm.
On the 9th nov my period only lasted 3 days was light then usual and stopped on the 11th. Went out on the 12th (cant remember if i took pill before i left or after i came back) thown up from drinking too much in morning and sexually active weeks of 13th, 20th and 25th of nov( cant remember exact days :S)

On the 28th i spotted a light pink, took a preg test and negative.

7th of dec got my period, very light again, more brown then red and lasted 4 days.
(sexually active week of 11th and week of 18th)

21st of dec i got stomach cramps which felt like light period pain.
22nd of dec, pink spotting throughout the day.
23rd of dec, spotting pinkish light red, felt nauseas and light headed.
24th of dec woke up to go toilet and when wiped there was watery brown spotting, felt twitching in boobs, breasts have been a little tender, nauseas in evening and had metalic taste in mouth.
25th of dec, nauseas, very moody and crying over nothing, pimple break out, slight brown spotting in morning, cramping all over stomach and left side in afternoon, felt more hungry than usual even after a meal, itchy boobs on the side and belly button, breasts tender.

week of 26th dec, shooting tingly feeling down boobs, boobs feel heavy and full, headaches, cramps, slight bloating.

4th of jan, got my period light, brown
5th of jan, red/brown light flow
6th of jan, red bit heavier
7th of jan, brown light
8th of jan, watery brown when wiped
Bloated for all these days of period which is normal and sore boobs cramps etc. and goes by end of period.

Still bloated and constipated, nauseas, full boobs and bra is now digging in ribs, runny and stuffy nose, dizzy, hot flushes for some time now and tingly sensations like someone is stroking my belly with their finger tips. did a preg test today which is the 14th of jan and still negative.
i also smell things more today than usual and feel more nauseas than the past days.

Please if anyone has experienced this or experiencing please help me out.. im also making appointment on monday for docs coz iv never experienced this ever.

thanks, hope someone has an answer
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