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January 18th, 2012, 12:27 AM
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SMH - I can't stand when people stated that you are pregnant for 40 weeks which equals 10 months. Pathetic. Let's do a simple math problem shall we?

1 year = 365 days
365 days/12months= 30.4166days

so there are on average 30.4166 days in each month.

30.4166 days in a month / 7 days in a week = 4.3452 weeks in a month

(Look at a calendar... how many months can YOU find that are exactly 4 weeks (28 days).. 11 out of 12 are more aren't they?)

So 280 days DOES equal 40 weeks. (280/7days=40weeks)

But is 40 weeks REALLY 10 months as this site and a few other misleading sites claim?

Let's see:

280/30.4166 (b/c we saw earlier that this is the average of how many days there are in each month) =9.2 months

And the .2 just about another week. .2*30.4166=6days. So you are pregnant for about 9 months and one week. (or atleast SCHEDULED DUE DATE for that length of time, the baby decides on his own when he is ready, lol)

Think about it.
For example, MY LMP is June 22.
9 months later is March 22.
10 months later is April 22.
Guess when my due date is? MARCH 28!
That's 9 months and 6 days AFTER my LMP.. 40 Weeks after my LMP.

I wish people would get this right. Your due date is about 9.2 months after LMP NOT 10. Stop assuming months are 4 weeks. Because that is rounding TOO severely and it REALLY throws it off. smh. The math is not that hard.

(These numbers are rounded off so it is still not EXACT - but it sure is a whole lot closer than misleading people and saying 10 months! smh. Pull out a calculator and fiddle with the numbers yourself.)
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