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January 18th, 2012, 07:08 AM
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I totally understand what you have been through I had an Eptopic pregnancy in June 2011 it was the 1st time i have planned to be come pregnant me and my partner were so chuffed.
I was 2 months pregnant and discovered that something wasn't right. due to the hospital leaving me for 4 days till they operated on me, i ruptured and had internal bleeding so not only did I nearly die I lost 1 of my tubes when they advised that they would just remove the baby and i would have both fully functional tubes. So Iím hoping that things are successful with one tube.
we want a child sooooo much but Iím also scared that I will have the same again. we have both decided to give it another go. so fingers crossed i have always said what is for you wont go passed you.
Good luck and a big hug :0)
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