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January 22nd, 2012, 06:37 AM
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Guess it's official. It's a big secret at this stage, so please, nobody who may know me on facebook or in person let the cat out of the bag. I like to wait until around 12 weeks or so to tell people. Got my BFP yesterday on CD 35. I failed to track very well this month, so I'm not exactly sure when I'm due, but I'm guessing Sept 25th.

This is a complete surprise baby and if I carry to term will he (or very unlikely, she) be my 4th baby. Right now I have 3 wonderful boys, ages 2.5, almost 6 and almost 8 years old. I'm already feeling the instant tears, increased sense of taste, increased CM, a little bit of nausea and dizziness, and I'm very tired. And freaked out. This baby will be due right when we're trying to finish up building a house. It will be very difficult financially because not only will we have doctor bills, and I'll want to close up my etsy shop temporarily, but we will need a different vehicle as we are maxed out on seatbelts as it is.

So hello, this is me, Beth. Nice to meet you all!

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