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February 3rd, 2012, 04:42 AM
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Originally Posted by happymommy2be View Post
Its My First Baby Also, And I Feel Nothing Its Almost Like Im Not Even Pregnant, But The Only Thing That Bothers Me Are My Breast At Night When Im Trying To Sleep.
Omg I feel the same way!!! At first I had no idea I was pregnant I ended up throwing up a week b4 my period was due and I thought 'oh must have been the food I had eaten earlier" but for 3 days after I felt nauseas still and I thought "must be b/c I keep thinking about throwing up" lol.. than the usual symptoms of my period came around (slight cramping and a few mild cramps) then my period never came. So I took a test and was like "YEAAAAAAA!!!! " I'd been trying for 4 months!

So my breasts were sore for about a week straight and I had cramping throughout the day but that was it the nauseasness subsided. Then my breast soreness went away almost completely!!! I was freaking out but that symptom seemed to swap out for 2 days of lower back pain only when I was trying to sleep... Then!! That went away and now its just my breasts sore at night when I'm trying to sleep!! I still have slight cramping here and there but nothing too bad.. Kinda feels like gas cramping .. It's very mild.. But my breasts omg! In the middle of the night could it be any better time then when I'm trying to sleep lol.

Anyways I'm so happy to read all these comments makes me feel less crazy and like I have a support system through this anxious but most exciting time in my entire life!! Good luck too all you ladies
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